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    In the year of 1379 with the name of God to help Tehran Kit Manufacturing Group began its activities,First, electronic devices and systems, lighting by making Flashrhay as usual, PC 400 Flash musicals and musicals, as well as the design and manufacture of metal boxes and more manufacturers entered the field of industrial electronics dimers were produced.This set of LED lighting systems will begin production in 1382 and now produces more than 150 different products is one of the most diverse manufacturers of LED products.  These products are manufactured under the trademark Tehran TEHRANKIT kits and LED products manufactured by this brand name Ldman LEDMAN (registered with the commercial register of trade marks)  And ID code (0250597696) in industrial organization, has acquired the manufacturing license of Tehran Electronic Devices and Manufacturers Association has certified ISO9001 international standard for quality management of enterprise SWISSCERT,  In the space of about 500 square meters workshop with qualified staff in Tehran and cooperating with municipalities, landscaping and lighting companies, engineers, planners, lighting and electrical outlets throughout the country.

    Note: All devices in this kit brochure production Tehran is manufacturing group, we're not selling the products of others.

    Design and production of all steel body including body flash, flasher, dimmer and all aluminum housing projectors and Wall washers, kits per box of Tehran is manufacturing group

    Some kits Tehran equipment manufacturing group:
    • desktop printing unit for printing on boxes and panels.
    • extrusion molding, die casting, plastic injection, pressing and stretching.
    • tin tub and floor, China automated assembly line for the assembly of electronic boards.
    • Laser cutting machine for cutting and engraving services on a single sheet of Plexiglas and polycarbonate.
    • Spot Welding Unit 25 KV panels and junction boxes for metal boxes.
    • Automatic cutting machine for cutting profiles of extruded aluminum profiles in a single box.
    • iron and pressed cutting scissors for cutting and bending bending the metal boxes in a single box.
    • Press hydraulic, electric or manual units for drilling and pressing the panel box and metal box.