Flash and Dimmer

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Flash 250

Stainless steel box with a beautiful silver box with a handle and a built-in unit of Tehran kit, aluminum plating reflector for xenon lamp "you are" powered by long life, Front talc as a piece in six colors,
1,480,000 ریال

Flash 400

Robust metal box with a built-in unit boxes of Tehran kit with scratch-resistant static colors, equipped with special handles for installation on the ground, Walls, roof and foundation types, talc front of a piece in six colors
1,780,000 ریال

12-channel lighting control desk

Equipped with 12 standard socket cap Six Channel Linear 2000W Dimmer with Vlvmhay sliding, musical flasher Channel 4 has a built-in microphone, volume control and speed sensitive volume control, a miniature fuse
6,580,000 ریال

AC Dimmer 3KW

The power output of 3000 watts, the radiator, cooling, safety fuses, voltage control volume,
780,000 ریال

AC Dimmer 5KW

The power output of 5000 watts, the radiator cooling vane, safety fuses, voltage control volume, standard input and output terminals, equipped with robust industrial Triac 40 amp;
1,380,000 ریال

Musical flasher

Has a built-in microphone, 4 channels can be used as a flash light and ambient sound in tune with the music
1,380,000 ریال

Computer flasher

Program with a minimum output power of 24 kW, depending on the device model is 4 channel and 8 channel.
1,780,000 ریال