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    Built-in LED lights 3 W

    380,000 ریال
    Tehran proprietary aluminum body kit, installed in the floor, walls and ceiling, ideal for lighting sidewalks, courtyards, stairways, green spaces and other decorative uses, with 1LED Tuesday watts of power, penetration resistance, IP65

    چراغ توکار 3 وات مولتی کالر RGB

    440,000 ریال
    مناسب جهت استفاده در پله استخرها ، آبنماها ، جکوزی و سونا بخار . دارای رنگ بدنه کوره ای استاتیک ضد کلر و با قابلیت اتصال به انواع درایور ، با ولتاژ ایمن 5 ولت

    LED lights are one-sided and two-sided bracket

    480,000 ریال
    V-shaped light, ideal for decorative lighting on the columns, facades of buildings, interior spaces and is used for one-night-light model, permeability resistance IP65

    LED Optical Fiber Engine 18 & 30W

    0 ریال
    Connectivity to drive multiple types of calories (Normal, musical, control and DMX), body kits per box of Tehran, fitted with special LED base

    چراغ روکار دورنور

    540,000 ریال

    LED lights decorative flower design

    2,480,000 ریال
    More than 200LED in 4 colors, stunning design from the blooming of a rose, with several very beautiful, IP65, can be used with the built-in superficies

    Projectors IP65

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